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Laboratory B ( Burlington's Community HackerSpace )

Index (physical)

  • Location: 12-22North, 12 North Street, 2nd Floor, Burlington, VT (Google Maps) -- also, see Location History
    • Access: Wooden staircase on the east-most side of the 12-22 North building in an alleyway accessible from Drew and North Streets; a door with our logo in silver is at the top of the stairs.
  • Phone: 802-540-2524 (a real phone -- you may leave message(s))

Index (virtual)

*: selfhosted. Most of the services run on Lom_Lobon.

Deprecated spaces (virtual)

Work in progress is one star in a growing constellation of selfhosted web applications hosted by/for Laboratory B.

See our Tag:Infra (TODO: figure out how to add a link to a category) for other pieces of software we are hosting or are planning to host.

This wiki is always in progress.

Admin docs

Admins: see the Mediawiki admin page.